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/boiled potatoes, tuna fish, boiled egg, olive salad, cherry tomatoes, green beans, dressing/


/egg noodles, red cabbage, fresh red pepper, carrots, edamame, fresh onion, sesame seeds, cashew, soy-mustard sauce/


/salad mix, cherry tomatoes, boiled egge, baked bacon, fresh cucumber, parmesan dressing, gorgonzola, red onion/

Spinach salad

/salad mix, spinach, raisins, seared egg, brined cheese, chickpeas, beer sticks, chorizo, honey-mustard dressing/

Salad Italia

/fusili, baby mozzarellа, olives, cherry tomatoes, parmesan, pickles, garlic sauce/

Summer Pancanela

/arugula, fresh spinach, cherries, strawberries, parmesan, cherry tomatoes, croutons, proschuto, chili dressing, fresh mint/

Scrambled egg with chicken

/eggs, brined cheese, chicken file, salad mix/

Scrambled eggs with avocado

/eggs, brined cheese, avocado, salad mix/


Beef stew

Creamy vegetable soup

Coconut shrimp soup

Open face sandwiches
Vegetarian sandwich

/dark leaven bred, brined cheese with walnuts, cherry tomatoes, sliced tomatoes, wild onion/

Smoked salmon sandwich

/dark leaven bread, philadelphia cheese with horseradish and dill, smoked salmon, wild onion, radishes, dill leaves, olive oil/

Egg and bacon sandwich

/dark leaven bread, crushed avocado, creamy scrambled eggs, bacon/

Egg and asparagus sandwich

/dark leaven bread, creamy scrambled eggs, asparagus, bacon/

Tuna pastirma sandwich

/dark leaven bread, philadelphia with horseradish and dill, tuna, white turnip, boiled egg, turnip sprouts, wasabi, sesame seeds/

Beetroot sandwich

/dark leaven bread, brines cheese with walnuts, boiled beets, wild onion, fresh corn, turnip sprouts/

Sandwich with homemade chicken pate

/dark leaven bread, homemade chicken pate, pickles, fried onion/

Ciabatta with prosciutto

/ciabatta , prosciutto crudo, pesto, mozzarella, olive oil/

Ciabatta with chorizo pate

/ciabatta , chorizo pate, red onion, pickled vegetables, salsa romesco, fresh cucumber, green salad/

Burger with turkey

/brioche bread, mayo, berries, green salad, brie cheese, turkey fillet/

Burger with pulled pork

/brioche bread, pulled pork, колсло, mango-curry paste, mayo/

Vegetarian wrap

/tortilla, grilled vegetables, salsa romesco, quinoa, green salad, peanuts, olives, dill sprouts/

Mexican wrap

/tortilla, grilled chickеn fillet, red beans, corn, jalapenos, cheddar cheese, green salad/

Flatbreat pizza

/tomato sauce, mozzarella, arugula , olive oil/


/cream, bacon, egg, mozzarella/

With spinach and brined cheese

/pesto sauce, cream, mozzarella, blanched spinach, cow brined cheese, cherry tomatoes/

With brie cheese and cherries

/cream, brie cheese, cow brined cheese, cherries/



Cheese snails

Cream snails

Ciche of the day

Biscuits with oatmeal and raisins

Biscuits with coconut

Biscuits with almonds


Breadsticks with butter

Breadsticks with sesame seeds

Warm drinks


Espresso Macchiato


Latte macchiato



Hot chocolate

Espresso con panna


Taste cappuccino with infusion

Espresso freddo

Cappuccino freddo

Frozen latte

Affogato with vanilla ice cream and chocolate chip

Cream frape with ice cream


Cherry smoothie

Raspberry mint smoothie

Berry smoothie

Blueberry smoothie

Carbonated and water

Coca-cola 330ml

Fanta orange 330ml

Schweppes tonic 330ml

San Pellegrinо 250ml

Mineral water 700ml

Mineral water 330ml


Elderberry lemonade

Lime and ginger lemonade

Berries lemonade

Strawberry lemonade


Krombacher Weizen 330ml

Krombacher Pils 330ml

Heineken 330ml

Stella Artois 330ml

Corona 355ml

Heineken non-alcoholic 330ml

White and rose wine

JP. Chenet Colombard - Sauvignon 250ml

Rose Wine J.P. Chenet 250ml

Canti Premium Pinot Grigio delle Venezie 250ml

Villa Maria Sauvignon Blanc 375ml

Canti Prosecco Spumante Millesimato 200ml

Premium Rose Wine Canti Pinot Grigio Veneto 250ml