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Delicious. Healthy. Will make you crave for more.

Our products are carefully chosen and prepared with positive energy.  Served with great finesse, we guarantee an awesome start of the day as you will sense the delightful combination of pure coffee and his highness “the croissant”. It’s breathtaking… 
Ready for lunch – warm soups, fresh salads, and last but not least, sandwiches. Every single ingredient has been put to numerous tests to ensure quality. We’re special. 
We challenge you to mix and match any of our menu components as we are confident in it being more than good!

We are cozy.

The moment you enter you’ll feel home! The feeling we strive for is of pure comfort. Our music choice is not limited to genres, we have funk, jazz, Italian chansons, every type of music. Loosen up and take your place in a lovely armchair to recharge your batteries. Your vital daily dose of +charge.


Taste Place is...

The coffee

Let’s consider coffee to be your foreplay, your morning prelude to the day. If you adore real, strong coffee, made with attention in mind, we hereby invite you to taste ours.

The pastries

Simply unique - the buttery scent of our croissants and the homemade vibe of our traditional bulgarian pastries will without any doubt put a smile on your face.

The lunch

Healthy, packed with nutrients with the sole purpose of providing enough vigor to last throughout the whole day.

The idea

View us as a partner in crime throughout your fast-paced everyday life and a comfort zone to recharge your batteries. We don’t judge – not by race, sex or gender. Our place is chill, though it will inspire you to make more than one Instagram update. We have no bragging rights, but our music is fine...Fine enough to make you feel marvelous.