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Our sole purpose is to provide the purest energy in a delicious form. 

The idea about Taste Place was born a year and a half ago. We have come a long way since then as we considered different concepts, had numerous private discussions and met with lovely people at delightfully yummy places… until our vision cleared and we knew exactly what we want. 
We want to be the place, which provides the atmosphere and food, both of which essential to last through our day. Taste Place we made cozy as a fireplace and picked the most passionate towards quality food and drinks people. 

There’s no doubt about it, Taste Place is our hideout, home of the most enjoyable treats and coffee. 

… And we are opening our doors wide for you. Prepare yourself for the finest, fluffiest hand-made croissants coupled with the intense aroma of coffee early in the morning. Make sure to come visit at lunch as well as we assure you – it will give boost your energy levels and make you all smiley. 


Cook, think, live positively.

We want to be your partner in crime during this fast-paced day of yours. We know how much inner strength and zen is required on a Monday morning, how lovely it is to have lunch in light shade in Spring. And thus our concept was born, thanks to the need of a place that provides serenity, energy and good mood. Our place is more than just a deli, we’re definitely not even close to a bistro nor the new recycled idea for a fast food joint!

Taste Place is an idea… Taste Place creates a new form of culture and attitude towards food!